The Experts

Bill Head shot

Billy “William J” Ferris

William J. Ferris was born on a moonless summer night in July. The only light that would guide him to the good doctor’s hands was a television. That television was broadcasting a movie called Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. This is how young Billy figured out his last name.

Because the TV was the first thing he ever saw, he took to it at an early age. While other children enjoyed reading, Ferris found refuge in front of a television. He would watch anything from a ball game to a little cartoon known as Ghostbusters.

When he grew up, he felt the need to spread his love of television to all the world. So he did the only thing he could do. He started teaching people to write television shows. You see, he had watched so much television, that there was nothing left to watch. So he makes his students write new episodes of TV shows for his own enjoyment…and also because it’s a class requirement…but mostly the enjoyment part.

Now known throughout his entire apartment as the single greatest television expert of all time, Billy Ferris is bringing that knowledge to you, the listener, FOC. That means free of charge, jack! You’re welcome America! So sit back, relax, and drink in the knowledge.

Accomplishments and qualifications:
-Nielson television household
-Associated Press Best TV sports anchor (Alabama) 2006
-Writer of the Unproduced/undeveloped/not filmed television series ‘Occam’s Razor’
-He and his production partners are 4 time International Media Festival winners
-Head Coach of “The Champs: Age of Biltron,” 4 time Fantasy Football Champions


 Paul Ancona

Paul F Ancona’s Birth has been well documented throughout history and needs no repeating. It has been since his birth that he realized that entertainment, entertained him. At that point he realized he had a calling, to be entertained.

When the Ancona boy was at a very young age, he came across the show that changed everything. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was an animated series that started all the way back in 1987 about 4 Turtles and a Rat that swam in goo and saved the world or something… That’s the kind of in-depth research and analysis you can expect from the complex, labyrinth-like mind of Paul.

Currently he resides in a little suburb just minuets West of Atlanta now known as the Hollywood of the East Coast. Since living there, he has access to some of TV and Movies biggest sets and locations… Well he doesn’t actually have access to the sets, but he has driven by some of them at least 3 times or so.   Much like his partner, He now feels the urge to share his passion with you fine folks and hopes you enjoy it.

Accomplishments and qualifications:
-Eagle Scout
-Has produced a commercial and voice work for radio
-Un-credited consultant on the Unproduced/undeveloped/not filmed television series ‘Occam’s Razor’
-He and his production partners are 2 time International Media Festival winners
– A modest 4-1 (3KO) Amateur Kickboxing record


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