Ep. 13 “Not On My Watch!” Feat. Leah Valvano BSN, RN, EMT-I

On this special episode of the Idiot Box Experts, we have Leah Valvano filling in for Billy while he gets his batteries recharged. We talk powerful women on the screen, medical shows, and find out why Tara Reid’s new fragrance Shark is relevant. Also, Leah gives Billy and Paul a Pitch challenge that should prove entertaining.

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2 Responses to Ep. 13 “Not On My Watch!” Feat. Leah Valvano BSN, RN, EMT-I

  1. Douglas miller says:

    A few comments,. if you like the written word and if those words include ..uhm… adult material I would highly suggest that you NOT READ 50 shades of Grey. it is piss poor writing, terribly uninventive and seems to be written for a sociopathich 15 year old. Read Anne Rice “Sleeping Beauty” series, or “Delta of Venus by Anais Nin…The grey series sucks.


  2. Douglas miller says:

    From my perspective as an EMT/Paramedic on the streets and in an ER I have a few comments on this episode. “Reality” medical shows including NYMed, sex sent me to the ER and OMGEMT gives the public an overblown idea of what we are capable of. They pick the strangest, or most dramatic, or best outcomes they can find. Do they show folks dying? Yes. Does CPR do any good? Rarely. CPR works so rarely that in 13 years I have not had one single patient walk out of the hospital after going into cardiac arrest. Are we all always going lights and sirens and yelling “STAT”? no, we clean peoples butts, and pick grandma off the floor, and transport someones kids to the ER for a stuffy nose. We feed peoples addictions (whether that be drugs or their sense of entitlement).
    P.S. Sharknado and that ilk of films is what is wrong with TV. They spend a godawful amount of money to produce garbage when there are plenty of good stories, actors and producers out there that deserve a shot. I have been approached about doing a special review of these films…still considering it.


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