Doug’s “B” Movie Review Special: Why you should be watcing ‘The Strain’


In the mid 80’s Anne Rice made a massive change in the Horror Vampire Genre with “The Vampire Lestat” series. It introduced the beautiful, seductive, remorseful and “human” vampire. This was carried on into Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series (Very good),  Sookie Stackhouse  (boring)  and hopefully died a horrible, writhing, bloody death with the “Twilight” series at Guillermo Del Toro’s deft hands. Mr. Del Toro reintroduces us to the Horrific, the strange, the inhumane vampire that wants nothing less than your blood and soul, …preferably while screaming. I read the first of the books that this was based on over a year ago and was impressed with plot, characters, and hopelessness of it. The TV show has tried and succeeded in living up to the book. I am no Harvard educated scholar. I could not care less what some high brow asshat has to say about literary styles. I do however read 2 to 3 books a week and was left feeling pleasantly disgusted by the books. I love the homage to Bram Stokers Abraham Van Helsing, the throw back to classic monsters being ..well… monstrous. This is not a misunderstood critter that can be reasoned with. It is us or them. Do you miss the horror in your horror? That is why you should be watching ‘The Strain’ Sundays at 10/9 central on FX.

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