Ep. 2 “Thirst for Firsts”

This week the guys countdown their top TV theme songs of all time as well as reveal their Lifetime pitches. They talk about the  strong crop of first year TV shows and what they need to do to establish themselves as long running hits.

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5 Responses to Ep. 2 “Thirst for Firsts”

  1. Douglas miller says:

    I tell ya guys, youve hit a homerun with your B movie reviewer…


  2. Craig says:

    Gilligan’s Island they actually got off the island but they ended up going back to the island


    • As far as Gilligan and company getting off the island, that’s a common misconception. The show ended after 3 seasons with no rescue or escape from the island. 11 years later, they made a TV movie where they were rescued and eventually re-shipwrecked onto the island. The movie was separate from the show.


      • Bill says:

        Really? You can’t separate the show and the movie. The movie was a TV movie.


      • True. But you can’t ignore that it happened over a decade later. Fans of the show didn’t get a proper conclusion to the story. I would guess that if that happened to a show you watch right now, you wouldn’t be satisfied waiting 11 years for a conclusion. The movie had a completely different tone and a different actress playing Ginger. it also isn’t replayed in syndication with the rest of the series, so people watching on reruns won’t see it without seeking it out on their own.


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